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Meet Our Team

CMF Staff

Kyle is smiling wearing a suit with a blue shirt.

Kyle Caldwell

President & CEO

(616) 850-2123


Headshot of Aline Batawi in a blue sweater, smiling and looking at the camera

Aline Batawi

Communications Coordinator

(616) 850-2127


Headshot of Regina Bell in a light green blouse, with a necklace and glasses, smiling

Regina Bell

Chief Policy Officer

(313) 566-2447


Headshot of Regina Cardenas in a blue suit jacket and white shirt, smiling and facing the camera

Regina Cardenas

Program Coordinator

(313) 960-4194


Headshot of Bill Corkill in a blue collared shirt, smiling

William C. Corkill

Senior Director, Information Technology

(616) 850-2128


Headshot of Sue Cuddington in a green collared blouse, smiling

Sue Cuddington

Executive Assistant to the President

(616) 850-2123


Headshot for Sarah Gaynier, who is wearing a black blouse and smiling at the camera

Sarah Gaynier

Executive Assistant

(313) 566-2444


Amanda Jarrett

Amanda Jarrett

Director, Communications

(616) 850-2121


Photo of Andrea Judd-Shurmur, wearing a green blouse with a black suit jacket, smiling

Andrea Judd-Shurmur

Director, Learning Services

(313) 960-4192


Headshot of Bridget McGuiggan, who is wearing a light blue sweater and a dark blue suit jacket, and smiling

Bridget McGuiggan

Chief Strategy Officer

(616) 850-2126


Headshot of Nathan Murphy, wearing a black suit jacket with a blue shirt and paisley patterned tie, smiling

Nathan Murphy

Government Relations, Public Policy Coordinator

(616) 850-2133


Headshot of Betsy Peterson, wearing a green shirt with white jacket, smiling

Betsy Peterson

Director, Learning to Give

(616) 634-8350


Headshot of Jennifer Ruud, wearing a black blouse and smiling

Jen Ruud

Senior Program Specialist

(313) 752-1226


Headshot of Christine Stevens, wearing a maroon shirt and blue suit jacket, smiling

Christine Stevens

Content Specialist

(616) 850-2125


Headshot of Denise Temple, wearing a black shirt and a mauve and floral patterned sweater, smiling

Denise Temple

Data Systems Coordinator

(616) 850-2136


Headshot of Tammie TenBroeke, wearing a royal blue shirt under a dark blue suit jacket, smiling

Tammie TenBroeke

Human Relations, Grants Manager

(616) 850-2135


Headshot of Cassidy Uchman, smiling at the camera wearing a white shirt and blue suit jacket

Cassidy Uchman

Public Policy Fellow

(313) 752-0964


Randy is smiling, standing outside wearing a suit and a light colored shirt.

Randy Van Antwerp

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

(616) 850-2122


Headshot for Nikia Washington, wearing a white blazer and black top underneath, she is smiling at the camera

Nikia Washington

Director, Member Engagement

(313) 566-2446


Headshot of Savanna Weber, wearing a mustard yellow shirt with a blue suit jacket, smiling at the camera

Savanna Weber

Accounting Coordinator

(616) 850-2134




Governor's Office of Foundation Liaison

Headshot of Karen Aldridge-Eason, wearing a patterned shirt under a dark blue suit jacket, smiling

Karen Aldridge-Eason

Foundation Liaison

(517) 241-1689


Amber's headshot, she is wearing a dark tan sweater and smiling at the camera

Amber Bellazaire

Program Officer

(517) 706-2544


Headshot of Dana Linnane, wearing a black long sleeve dress and beaded short necklace, smiling

Dana Linnane

Director of Research & Planning

(269) 213-9961


Experts in Residence, Fellows & Interns

Photo of Brittany Kienker

Brittany Kienker Ph.D.

Consultant, CMF Knowledge Insights Expert in Residence

(734) 335-1460

Jennifer's Headshot

Jennifer M. Oertel

Consultant, CMF Impact Investing Expert in Residence

(734) 930-6898

Katie Ferriby's headshot. She is wearing a dark burnt orange colored shirt and smiling at the camera

Katie Ferriby

Philanthropy Fellow

(248) 605-5814


Headshot for Taylor Williams, wearing a plaid blouse and smiling at the camera

Taylor Williams

Philanthropy Fellow

(248) 498-2509





Headshot for Leena who is wearing a dark blue shirt under her light blue blazer and smiling at the camera

Leena Mangrulkar

Program Manager - Southeast Michigan Early Childhood Funders Collaborative

(734) 395-9524


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