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Government Relations Public Policy Committee


The primary purpose of the Government Relations Public Policy Committee (GRPCC) is to advance philanthropy’s collective voice in public policy. The GRPPC supports policy engagement consistent with CMF’s mission, vision and values that:  

  • Maintain a healthy philanthropic sector. 

  • Promote and advance equity. 

  • Address the needs of Michigan residents, especially in marginalized communities. 

  • Engage philanthropy as meaningful partners in the development, implementation and oversight of public policies that support, rather than supplant, government services. 


Government Relations Public Policy Committee members include:

  • eMily Aleman-McAlpine, Co-Chair, Wege Foundation
  • Dave Mengebier, Co-Chair, Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation 
  • Robin Ferriby, Clark Hill PLC
  • Meredith Freeman, Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation 
  • Paula Gruszynski, M&M Area Community Foundation 
  • Neal Hegarty, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 
  • Paul Hillegonds, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
  • Megan Johnston, Stryker Johnston Foundation
  • Kelley Kuhn, Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • Wendy Lewis Jackson, The Kresge Foundation 
  • Phyllis Meadows, The Kresge Foundation
  • Monica Moser, Jackson Community Foundation
  • Mackenzie Price, Huron County Community Foundation
  • Raquel Robinson, Ruth Mott Foundation
  • Laurie Solotorow, Michigan Health Endowment Fund
  • Myra Tetteh, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation     
  • Punita Thurman, The Skillman Foundation
  • Jenée Velasquez, The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
  • Kyle Caldwell, Council of Michigan Foundations 

Advisor Roles are held by:

  • Karen Aldridge-Eason, Office of Foundation Liaison
  • Eric Lupher, Citizens Research Council
  • Monique Stanton, Michigan League for Public Policy
  • Jeff Williams, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy 

Staff Liaison Roles are held by: 

  • Regina Bell, Council of Michigan Foundations
  • Nathan Murphy, Council of Michigan Foundations
  • Cassidy Uchman, Council of Michigan Foundations

While CMF represents the collective interests of philanthropy in Michigan, it is important to note that membership dues do not go towards advocacy work.  

Advancing Change Through Advocacy