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Supporting your Policy & Advocacy Engagement


Through year-round learning events, our Policy Online Community, and meaningful opportunities to deepen relationships with your state and federal policymakers and resources; we are here to equip all CMF members in your policy and advocacy engagement to advance transformative and systemic change. 

Philanthropy can serve as a critical partner on key policy issues as we work to advance thriving, more equitable communities. As illustrated in the graphic below, Michigan philanthropy plays many important roles including bringing people together, serving as thought partners, elevating community needs, engaging in ongoing learning, championing community-centered problem solving and leveraging resources. 

A circle with six interconnecting puzzle piece style divisions that outline how Michigan Philanthropy is in Action with lawmakers and beyond

Timely Legislative issues

Restore Michigan’s Charitable Tax Credit!

Nonprofits serve as the lifeline of our communities by connecting Michigan families to essential needs like housing, food, health care and more. Unfortunately, Michigan is one of the few states that does not provide a tax incentive to families who donate to nonprofits to support the vital work they do. 

Michigan's community foundations support a vast network of nonprofits through endowed funds, helping to ensure our nonprofit social service providers can be responsive to the evolving needs of Michigan families, especially in times of increased demand. Reinstating Michigan’s Charitable Tax Credit unlocks opportunities by incentivizing families of all income levels to give charitable donations to endowed funds across the state, and in turn, strengthen our nonprofits. CMF, along with our members and partners continue to advocate for a reinstatement of the Michigan Charitable Tax Credit.

Tell Your Lawmaker to Restore the Charitable Giving Tax Credit 

The 2011 repeal of the state's Charitable Giving Tax Credit removed one of the biggest incentives that nonprofits could use to attract new donors, and it resulted in an immediate and significant drop in donations, particularly among first-time givers. According to research from the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University between 2011 and 2013: 

  • $400 donations dropped by 50% statewide 
  • $200 donations decreased by 27.5% statewide 

By restoring this incentive, we can encourage more local giving, help create a culture of giving among first-time donors and empower our local nonprofits to do even more of the vital work they do to support strong and prosperous communities across the state.  

Please contact your state representative and state senator to ask them two key things: 

  • Vote Yes on the Charitable Giving bills. 
    Both Senate Bill 127 and House Bill 4531 would restore the Charitable Giving Tax Credit so that donations to endowed nonprofits at local community foundations would qualify for a 50% tax credit, with a maximum credit of $100 for an individual and $200 for a family. Urge your lawmakers to vote “yes” on these bills!  
  • Account for the Tax Credit in the State Budget. 
    The estimated $3 million impact to the state general fund needs to be accounted for in this year's budget. Lawmakers can be assured this is a good investment because that would represent $6 million in local giving to support vital needs like mental health, housing and food assistance in our communities.  

Connect with us!

CMF’s Government Relations Public Policy Team is available to present to your staff or your Board on topics related to policy and advocacy, including how all of Michigan philanthropy can engage in advocacy efforts, examples from the field and more. If you are interested, please contact the team

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Regina Bell

Chief Policy Officer

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Nathan Murphy

Senior Policy, Practice and Government Relations Coordinator

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Cassidy Uchman

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