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Advocating for Equitable and Systemic Change

Systematic Impact

CMF’s advocacy efforts focus on issues that may have long-term, systemic impact and where philanthropy’s voice can resonate.  

This work is catalyzed and supported through the leadership of our Government Relations Public Policy Committee, the Governor’s Office of Foundation Liaison and through strategic partnerships at both the state and national levels. 

Our advocacy work is prioritized and guided by our five policy domains: Education, Economic Prosperity, Health, Civic Engagement and Health of the Sector as well as our member-informed Building an Equitable Future Together policy framework.

Our engagement in policies related to the Health of the Sector is foundational to all CMF's advocacy work to ensure philanthropy has the resources, operational capacity and flexibility necessary to continue supporting the communities we work in and with. CMF's biennially reviewed Government Relations Goals are directly tied to the Health of the Sector policy domain as they seek support for legislative and regulatory changes at both the state and national levels that help to strengthen, promote and increase philanthropy.


Advancing Change Through Advocacy