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CMF's Equity Journey

CMF supports all in our community of philanthropy in advancing their organizational and individual equity journeys. We acknowledge where people and organizations are, recognizing that some are just beginning to explore what equity means for them, and some have been blazing trails with their communities for decades. 

As a community committed to “acts of love for humankind" - the definition of philanthropy - we are called to be persistent and courageous in this work for the good of all those we serve. We can lead conversations with compassion and empathy, creating spaces for civil dialogue, mindful of who has been invited to the table. We can engage in collaboration with our communities to support solution building, ensuring all voices are heard. We can take action to advance systems-level change through policy, partnership and examination of our practices.

“If philanthropy is truly about promoting acts of love for humankind, we cannot ignore the devastating damage caused by inequities. For some of us in philanthropy this is the most difficult task. Yet despite these difficulties, by its very design, philanthropy is in the best position to advocate for equity. We have patient capital to look at the long term. Our resources, talent, partners, innovations and flexibility can support those who stand in the breech and help our society truly wrestle with the hard issues of the day.” — Kyle Caldwell, CMF President & CEO

In service to our members and in alignment with our mission, we at CMF are on our own internal journey as an organization, supporting staff in putting equity at the center in our lives and in our work.

During CMF’s 49th Annual Conference in 2019, CMF’s president and CEO Kyle Caldwell shared our commitment to a collective equity journey with our membership and invited all in our community of Michigan philanthropy to explore and embrace equity together. One year later CMF launched our Equity at the Center Strategic Framework, further defining our organizational commitment to emboldening and equipping Michigan philanthropy in the relentless pursuit of equitable systems and inclusive diversity. We put our stake in the ground to center our work in equity – and racial equity imperatively.

CMF continues on this journey.

At CMF's 51st Annual Conference in Detroit during our Annual Members Meeting, Caldwell shared highlights from the last year with our Michigan community of philanthropy and looked ahead at our continued journey together, with equity at the center. Watch the replay from November 2023:

Our internal journey is not a linear one. We have unearthed challenges and opportunities. Our team is committed to transparently sharing our learning as we walk alongside members on this path, remaining ever focused on leading, strengthening and supporting our members as we walk towards thriving, equitable communities in Michigan. 


Advancing Your Equity Journey