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At a Glance

I can answer questions relating to the invoicing process, including payment status and vendor creation.

Get to know Savanna

Describe what you do in your role.

In short, I see through the receivable and payable processes as well as assist with other accounting functions.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

The comradery! Everyone here has been kind and welcoming; it truly feels like people are here because they like what they do. The culture makes it easy to work with people and understand their working styles.

What are the causes you’re most passionate about?

I’m very passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community (and have the most personal connection to it). Everyone under the rainbow! For example, I am a big fan of the Trevor Project, which is most known for providing crisis support services to LGBTQ+ youth.

What inspires, challenges or motivates you?

The biggest inspiration to me is seeing other people’s journeys in figuring out who they are and applying their growth experiences to support others. I’ve found this true for myself – as I grow and learn, I can better serve the people around me and empathize more with struggles I might not have known about. I am always reminding myself to challenge my views, to learn, and to never take what I see as true as fact. In short, I am motivated to adapt.

What do you love about Michigan?

I love all the different Michigan “isms”! Being able to show where you live by pointing to your hand as the “mitten”, debating whether Up North is the U.P. or anything above Grand Rapids, and of course the Michigan accent. “Jeet” = Did you eat? “Yoosta” = Used to. They amuse me more than they should. Not to mention the classic “ope”, the most versatile semi-apologetic exclamation there is. It makes it very easy to spot a Michigander in the wild.

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