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Things I Can Help You With:

Urban and agricultural runoff, Great Lakes stewardship, research and evaluation


Katie Ferriby is a philanthropy fellow at the Erb Family Foundation. Prior to joining the Erb Family Foundation, she served as a Challenge Detroit Fellow providing consulting services for Detroit based nonprofits. In addition, Katie served as a Program Support Specialist at Brilliant Detroit, a nonprofit assisting families with children 0-8 in 14 Detroit neighborhoods to support school readiness and community health. During her time there, she worked with partners and staff to ensure successful implementation of programs across the city.

Katie graduated from Ohio State University in 2022. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Sociology. During college, she worked with over ten nonprofits as a consultant, volunteer, and intern. Katie is excited to learn more about philanthropy and the role foundations have between policymakers and local organizations.

Outside of work, Katie enjoys running, indoor rock climbing, and exploring local shops and restaurants.

Get to know Katie

Describe what you do in your role.

I work with program officers, local organizations, and policy makers on grants to combat urban and agricultural runoff as well as Great Lakes stewardship.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Working with likeminded individuals from diverse backgrounds to bring change to Southeast Michigan.

What are the causes you are most passionate about?

I am most passionate about environmental justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and access to quality reproductive care.  

What inspires, challenges, or motivates you?

Individuals providing direct service to marginalized communities. Their work inspires, motivates, and challenges me in my professional and personal life.

What do you love about Michigan?

No matter where I am in the state, I always feel at home.

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