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At a Glance

Things I Can Help You With:

Human Resources, CMF grants and contracts.

Get to know Tammie

Describe what you do in your role. 

As the Human Relations, grants manager I manage the Human Resources for CMF including payroll, benefits administration, policy administration, employee relations, recruitment, onboarding, etc. In addition, I provide oversight for the administration for all of our grants and contracts. 

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

The variety of work, the people and every day offers something different.

What are the causes you’re most passionate about?

Homelessness and helping those that face hunger.

What inspires, challenges or motivates you?

To be my best every day and create a greater opportunity for my children and the next generation. 

What do you love about Michigan?

Enjoying the outdoors during every Michigan season.

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