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Apr 18
Location: Webinar
Experts predict that the impact investing market will be worth more than $300 billion by 2020.  Impact investing – which seeks a specific... Read More
May 9
Location: Webinar
While every family foundation or fund is different, the one thing family givers have in common is that they each face defined transition... Read More
Jun 13
Location: Webinar
The definition of the American family has morphed alongside an explosion of diversity. Today, homes with unmarried parents, same-sex... Read More
Jul 11
Location: Webinar
Messages about money are part of our lives every day.  With increased access to data and information, your house value and other factors... Read More
Aug 8
Location: Webinar
How can families with multi-faceted philanthropic efforts – those with multiple foundations or funds, who are also using impact investing... Read More
Sep 12
Location: Webinar
Whether your foundation is considering wrapping up a long-term initiative or a foundation’s existence, this webinar will provide valuable... Read More
Nov 14
Location: Webinar
What are new emerging issues facing philanthropic donors and families? How are families’ funding priorities, governance practices, and... Read More
Dec 12
Location: Webinar
The National Center for Family Philanthropy (NCFP) Series offers a monthly webinar with rotating topics focusing on family philanthropy.... Read More