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Building Inclusive Spaces

We are committed to ensuring that our conference models an inclusive environment for learning, growing and connecting together. If there are supports we can provide to help ensure you are able to fully access the conference and engage with your peers, we invite you to let us know via the registration form or reach out to our conference support team. 

Here’s a look at some of our efforts to enhance your 2023 conference experience: 

  • Community Agreements: We ask all attendees to honor our community agreements for how we will interact and engage together.

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) Access: CMF is planning to provide closed captioning for all main stage events. 

  • Stage Access: The main stage will be equipped with a ramp for more inclusive access, in addition to the staircase.

  • Dietary Restrictions: CMF works with participants to provide meals that align with their individual dietary needs. If you have any dietary restrictions, please include them on your conference registration form.  

  • Quiet Spaces and Breakroom: We're holding space in the conference area of the hotel for those who may need a quiet moment, a place you can step out of the conference for reflection. These spaces will be marked on the hotel map within the conference app and will be available to use throughout the conference.  

  • Nursing Suite: A private room for nursing is available. Additional information regarding the suite location and its access will be available soon. 

  • Gender Inclusive Restroom: We will have designated gender inclusive bathrooms and will update this section once more information is available regarding their exact location.