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Statewide Equity Fund Strategic Support Pilot


In 2020, the Michigan Philanthropy COVID-19 Working Group, an ad hoc committee of 25 foundation leaders and partners was created to focus on creating clear paths grounded in equity for our CMF community to embark on together.

The Working Group developed the Building an Equitable Future Together  policy framework, anchored by three policy domains: public health, education and economic prosperity.

In the spring of 2021, the group provided a final set of recommendations, which included the creation of collaborative opportunities for philanthropy to engage in collective action strategies to address short-term, intermediate and long-term inequities in Michigan.

Through the guidance of the Working Group and approval of the Board of Trustees, CMF established the Statewide Equity Fund (SEF) Strategic Support Pilot in May 2021. The SEF was created to empower CMF members to strategically pool resources toward systemic change, with an initial focus on economic prosperity (as highlighted in the Building an Equitable Future Together policy framework).

Questions about the SEF?