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Statewide Equity Fund Strategic Support Pilot In Action

The regional collaborative sites, led by CMF members, worked closely with their local units of government to help shape investments toward equitable outcomes within the focus area of economic prosperity are highlighted below, along with several videos highlighting the work in their communities. 

Below are highlights from their work in action. 

Highlights from the Participants in the SEF Strategic Support Pilot 

The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation (AAACF) is building a coalition that centers the voices of connected community leaders, with support from the SEF. The coalition is hosted and supported by the community foundation and the county for the purpose of influencing public funding. 

Community Foundation of Greater Flint (CFGF) is partnering with organizations to improve the social determinants of health for Flint residents through civic participation. They engaged Flint’s community to guide ARPA funding allocation equitably, leveraging pre-existing coalitions and fostering resident involvement. 

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation is working with the city of Grand Rapids to support a Participatory Budgeting process that engages residents in allocating $2 million of ARPA resources. GRCF partnered with several community-based organizations and funders, including CMF members, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Wege Foundation, Steelcase Foundation and Frey Foundation.

Community Foundation of Marquette County (CFMC) partnered with Marquette County, utilizing their master plan, to access funding to support a new childcare initiative. Childcare SPARK is designed to create a pipeline of childcare providers who can offer economically viable and financially sustainable high-quality care services for all families in the region. 

The Pontiac Funders Collaborative (PFC) is supporting Pontiac organizations’ collaboration and capacity to influence, manage and deploy ARPA funding toward equitable outcomes for entrepreneurs and youth in Pontiac. PFC’s approach includes two main phases with SEF Strategic Support Pilot funds: technical support to local groups to help with equitable economic growth and projects rolled out for entrepreneurs leveraging government funds. 

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