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The Ruth Mott Foundation’s first African-American president took the reins of the organization September 1.


Partners for Succes is Michigan's cutting-edge approach to public-private partnerships.


A new report shows that SNAP incentives offer a successful and scalable approach to increasing access to affordable, healthy food for low-income families, boosting farmer income, and strengthening local economies.


The environmentally focused group of foundation leaders made its way to the southwest Michigan to learn more about the ongoing efforts to protect the historic dunes situated along the shores of Lake Michigan.


Land protection efforts involving Michigan’s critical dunes are only one part of a larger system of conservation action that is needed if Michigan is to succeed in saving these natural wonders, advises Helen Taylor, state director of The Nature Conservancy.


CMF trustee Bobbie Arnold talks about succession planning with the family foundation.


CMF and Michigan Community Foundations' Youth Project (MCFYP) grant awards to four community foundations at the Summer 2014 Youth Philanthropy & Service Camp.


Recap of the 2014 Youth Philanthropy & Service Camp


CMF welcomes the Douglas & Margaret DeCamp Foundation, our newest members!


Partnering to support a wide array of projects throughout Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region is proving to be a highly successful for the Dow Corning Foundation and area community foundations.


Dr. Thomas Kellogg, chairman of the Edward & June Kellogg Foundation, talks about their "great grant" that supported CPR training for all high school students in Livingston County!


The Internal Revenue Service has introduced a new, shorter application form to help small charities apply for tax-exempt status more easily.