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Organized by the Council on Foundations and CMF, with support from the C.S. Mott Foundation, the June summit brought together more than 50 youth philanthropy practitioners and enthusiasts from 14 different countries


Neither a smattering of rain, nor a stuck-in-the-muck pontoon boat, nor even flaming, carbonized marshmallows could put a damper on the fun and good cheer of attendees at the recent 13th Biennial Family Foundations Retreat.


Former Council of Michigan Foundations trustee and consultant Colleen Mitchell joins The Columbus Foundation.


To ensure the success of Detroit’s ongoing renaissance, protection of the city’s urban waterways must be made a priority, a Sierra Club official recently told a gathering of Detroit Area Grantmakers.


The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency is creating dynamic programs and initiatives to support returning soldiers and their families with the help of foundations throughout the state.


The Michigan Senate approved a nine-bill package Tuesday afternoon with bipartisan support.


Kylie Musolf is the 2014 Mawby Intern for the Council of Michigan Foundations.


Hosted by The Kresge Foundation, the recent “Celebrating College Access in Michigan” event held in Lansing provided state legislators and foundation leaders a chance to hear about the initiative’s progress and success.


Getting a glimpse of the behind-the-scene workings of Detroit entrepreneurial incubator “Ponyride” elicited praise from foundation leaders.


Over the past seven months, the Center for Michigan has once again engaged thousands of Michigan residents from across the state and asked: What issues do you want candidates to address on the campaign trail – and in the state capitol, once elected?


Diana Tarpoff, foundation president, talks about her favorite "great grant" - support for Annie's Big Nature Lesson at the Woldumar Nature Center in Lansing!


Robin Dorman talks about a special grant that helped "year-around Islanders" afford snowmobile helmets.