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Doing great philanthropic work can be challenging, but Ask CMF makes it easy for members to find help for your most pressing questions. Ask CMF is a technical assistance service offered to all CMF members. We leverage our extensive internal knowledge and collaborate with external partners to respond to your needs, whether you’re interested in best practices, research or sample documents. Led by Brittany Kienker, Ph.D., Ask CMF brings the best of CMF’s expertise to your organization.

How it works:

  • After logging into the CMF website, access the online Ask CMF form.
  • Tell us your name and email address, then briefly describe your question or request for assistance.
  • We will respond within one business day to confirm receipt of your message and answer your question. If the request requires more extensive research or data gathering, we’ll let you know.

Common Ask CMF Request Topics

We respond to hundreds of Ask CMF questions throughout the year, ranging in scope and issue area.

  • Conflict of interest scenarios
  • Board governance and term limits
  • Family foundation succession planning
  • Giving trends within specific funding areas
  • Legal requirements
  • Performance evaluations for staff
  • Salaries based on region, foundation type and staff role
  • Community needs assessment practices
  • Corporate giving
  • Giving and volunteering in Michigan

CMF is committed to growing the impact of Michigan philanthropy through service to its members. Through Ask CMF, your questions have led to new ideas, solutions and resources that have become a valued part of foundations’ work across the state. We look forward to helping you with your current questions and challenges.

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