Youth Philanthropy

Michigan is a state full of dynamic and engaged youth philanthropists.

CMF helps grow the pipeline of young philanthropists.

CMF provides guidance and support to the Michigan Community Foundation’s Youth Project (MCFYP), which helps to coordinate and grow the pipeline of young philanthropists in our state.

History of Youth Philanthropy

Over 20 years ago, in efforts to increase the giving capacity of Community Foundations and to engage youth in the grantmaking process, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation sponsored a Youth Challenge for Community Foundations to grow youth endowment funds. These endowment funds were to be used exclusively for grants allocated by youth advisory committees for local nonprofits' youth programming.

The Role of Youth Grantmaking Committees Today

Today, there are over 1,500 young people serving on 86 youth grantmaking committees, with endowment fund assets exceeding $62 million. These youth grantmaking committees are a subcommittee of a Community Foundation with a permanently endowed youth fund. They are composed of youth members ages 12-21 who review and allocate grant dollars to local non-profits' youth programming.

Youth grantmakers across the state collectively give $1.5 million in grants per year. View the 20th Anniversary Report for a look at the impact youth grantmakers have had.

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