Philanthropy Awards

Each year, the Council of Michigan Foundations honors the significant service, efforts and contributions of those involved in Michigan philanthropy through three awards.

Russell G. Mawby Award for Philanthropy

This award, co-sponsored by the Michigan Nonprofit Association, honors the work and philosophy of the late Dr. Russell G. Mawby in encouraging private action for the public good through philanthropy. Dr. Mawby was a founder of both the Council of Michigan Foundations and the Michigan Nonprofit Association. 

Previous Recipients:
2019: John Erb (view video tribute or read story)
2018: John M. Frey, David G. Frey and Edward J. Frey, Jr. (Ted) (view video tribute)
2017: Joe Hudson
2016: James A. Kelly
2015: Bill Smith
2014: David and Lynne Robinson
2013: Larry & Earlene Baum
2012: Bill and Madge Berman
2011: Jim and Donna Brooks
2010: Manal and Ghassan Saab
2009: Lauraine Hoensheid
2008: Bill Johnston and Ronda Stryker
2007: Hugo E. (Ted) Braun, Jr.
2006: Peter M. Wege
2005: Margaret Ann Riecker
2004: James C. Acheson
2003: Chuck and Stella Royce
2002: Larry Bratschie
2001: Charles E. Anderson
2000: Maggie Allessee
1999: Arthur W. Angood
1998: Hugh and Eileen Starks
1997: Hiland W. Hall
1996: Elizabeth Upjohn Mason
1995: Russell G. Mawby

Community Foundation Philanthropy Award

The Community Foundation Philanthropy Award was established by the Council of Michigan Foundations (CMF) and the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) in 2006 to honor a living individual or couple for service as both volunteer/trustee and donor to help grow community philanthropy in Michigan on behalf of one or more community foundations.

Previous Recipients:
2019: Georgia and Travis Fojtasek (read more or watch video tribute)
2018: Charles Janssen (read more) and The Honorable Carlene Walz Lefere (read more)
2017: Doug & Margaret DeCamp
2016: Mary Little Tyler & Dr. Samuel Shaheen and the Shaheen family
2015: Donna Niester
2014: Lawrence E. Moon
2013: Dick Hoffius
2012: Barbara VanDusen
2011: David Donovan
2010: Richard (Dick) Groos and Lucas Pfeiffenberger
2009: Edward and Nancy Hanenburg
2008: Walter North
2007: Molly Dobson
2006: Raymond H. Dresser, Jr.

Dr. Gerald K. Smith Award

The Dr. Gerald K. Smith Award for Philanthropy honors the work and philosophy of Dr. Smith who dedicated his entire career to making the Detroit community better for children and their families. The award recognizes significant efforts and contributions of individuals in the field whose work and grantmaking activities promote effective and responsive social change in communities of color. 

Previous Recipients
2019: Lynne Ferrell (read more or watch video tribute)
2018: Wendy Lewis Jackson (read more)
2017: Robert Thornton
2016: Vivian Pickard
2015: Laura Trudeau
2014: Johngerlyn “Jonse” Young
2013: Rod Gillum