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Peer Communities

In 2023, we asked for your input to help us strengthen our peer communities, including affinity groups, learning communities and online communities.  

Together with the CMF member co-chairs of these groups, we are utilizing CMF member feedback to inform and shape how your peer communities connect, convene and learn together more effectively. While these efforts are underway, here are a few changes we have already made based on member insights: 

  • We are reflecting on the ways equity, diversity and inclusion are centered in peer community goals, planning, composition and programs.
  • We are creating more opportunities for peer communities to collaborate with one another in the codesign of shared learning opportunities. 
  • We are growing partnerships with thought leaders and subject matter experts to support our programming. 
  • We have reorganized our groups under this brand-new Peer Communities web page to ensure CMF members can easily find and navigate access to the groups.  
  • We are adding details on all peer communities via their online platform for shared visibility and transparency for new and existing group members. 

We look forward to sharing more enhancements with you soon!