Getting Started With Data- Driven Decision Making: A Workbook

Publication date: 
June, 2013

Could you use more help thinking through how to use data to help your organization make decisions? If so, you’re not alone. Our recent report on how nonprofits are using data showed that although some organizations are relying heavily on data, a number were doing very little to actually measure their work or use the data to inform other decisions.

Measuring may not be as difficult as you suspect. When we talked to experts, they agreed that simply starting to track a few strategic metrics was a huge step toward a more data-driven culture. Once your staff has data that they can use to make decisions, they will often start to want more. A few, straightforward metrics can start the snowball to a more broad-based program.

Getting started isn’t a trivial process, however. What metrics will be useful and actionable—but not require a ton of time to collect and understand? How do you define and communicate data in order for your organization to make decisions?

This workbook will help you with those questions.