From Big Ideas to Big Change

Publication date: 
October, 2015

Foundations are committing more resources than ever before to communicating about their work and missions -- yet grantees continue to give funders low marks when it comes to fostering a clear understanding of what the foundation is trying to accomplish and where they fit in. To address this gap, Spitfire Strategies developed From Big Ideas to Big Change. This report examines how foundations communicate about their change strategies and offers advice for effectively engaging foundation staff, grantees and other audiences in communications efforts that succeed in turning a vision of change into reality.

Use the report and planning tool to:

  • Clarify how to consistently describe your foundation's change strategy to all important audiences.

  • Identify central concepts of your change strategy and determine the roles the foundation, grantees and others will play in order to communicate effectively about them.

  • Track communications progress at multiple levels to get feedback and make adjustments that will lead to greater impact.

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