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At a Glance

Things I can help you with:

Information and resources for YACs, the MCFYP Committee and the 2024 Youth Grantmakers Summer Conference.


Finn Hopkins was born and raised in Petoskey, Michigan. As a youth philanthropist, Finn served on the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation Youth Advisory Committee before joining the Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project (MCFYP) Committee. He attended James Madison College at Michigan State University, earning bachelor’s degrees in international relations and comparative cultures & politics before completing a master’s degree in journalism.

Finn spends most of his free time watching or playing soccer and is always willing to discuss the ‘beautiful game.’ When not chasing after a ball, he enjoys a latte and a good book.

Get to know Finn

Describe what you do in your role.

As the 2024 Mawby Intern, I am the liaison for the Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project (MCFYP) Committee, which comprises youth and YAC advisors from around the state. I will help curate resources for YACs and their advisors and support the MCFYP Committee in leading the development, design and facilitation of our youth programming, including the annual Youth Grantmakers Summer Leadership Conference.

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

The opportunity to connect and work with an inspiring team of people, including CMF staff, the MCFYP committee, and YACers from across Michigan.

What are the causes you’re most passionate about?  

I am passionate about understanding and engaging perspectives and life experiences that differ from my own, particularly those historically marginalized. I find myself drawn to issues related to mental health, digital literacy, the environment, immigration, and displaced people.

What inspires, challenges or motivates you?

I am motivated by a desire to have a positive impact in my community, challenged by the volume of critical needs that exist in the world, and inspired by those determined to lend a helping hand however they are able.

What do you love about Michigan?

I can show anyone where I live by pointing to my hand! The unparalleled access to the Great Lakes and the breathtaking beauty of our fall colors. I love exploring Michigan, from small towns to bustling cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids.

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