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Things I Can Help You With:

Connect your work to youth empowerment as practicing philanthropists and lifelong generous citizens; connect you to resources and ideas for youth philanthropy.


Betsy Peterson is a former teacher and children’s book editor. Betsy first learned about the impact of philanthropy education when Learning to Give piloted its lessons in Michigan schools, demonstrating that the skills, joy, and empowerment of philanthropy could be formalized into teachable knowledge and experience when integrated into all K-12 academic subjects. Betsy started at Learning to Give as a consultant and has served as an editor, writer, director of curriculum, and director. She believes that as more youth learn about ways to be generous in community, we all have a stronger and more kind future.

Get to know Betsy

Describe what you do in your role.

I collaborate with educators, youth leaders and Michigan philanthropy to curate content that grows skills and opportunities for young people. I am interested in connections and tools for young people to learn about their roles in the community as givers of time, talent, voice, and treasure for the common good. We all want our kids to know their value to their community and that their voice matters today and in the future. 

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Working closely with educators and youth leaders to develop resources that come from their passion and experience. 

What are the causes you are most passionate about?

I am most passionate about protecting the environment and human rights. 

What inspires, challenges, or motivates you?

I am inspired by curious young people who understand the world at a much younger age than I ever did. I am challenged by injustice and attitudes that unnecessarily make what is good for all seem out of reach. I am motivated by work that feels important, especially when I feel I can learn and contribute. 

What do you love about Michigan?

I love Michigan because I have access to the woods for hiking, rivers and Great Lakes for kayaking, access to the arts, good restaurants, family, and the changing seasons.

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