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State Announces New Housing Partnership

The Statewide Housing Partnership within the Michigan State Housing Development Authority was announced and will work to develop a strategy to implement Michigan’s Statewide Housing Plan and ensure access to affordable housing for every Michigander.

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The state announced a new housing partnership within the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order last week establishing the Statewide Housing Partnership, as an advisory body within MSHDA, which will develop a strategy to implement Michigan’s Statewide Housing Plan (SHP) and ensure that every Michigander has access to affordable housing that meets their needs.

The group will include leaders from state, local, and tribal governments, advocates from nonprofit and community organizations and representatives from the business advocacy world and finance industry.

The partnership's primary responsibility is to develop a strategy to implement Michigan’s SHP and make recommendations to MSHDA on how to best achieve its goals.

As CMF reported, MSHDA launched Michigan’s first-ever SHP that outlines eight priority areas to guide action planning in regions across the state, as well as 37 goals and 134 strategies to create more robust pathways to safe, quality, affordable housing for all Michiganders.

CMF members contributed to the creation of the SHP, along with over 7,000 Michigan residents. 

CMF and the Governor’s Office of Foundation Liaison (OFL) connected CMF members to MSHDA to ensure their input was included in the development of the plan through participation in stakeholder groups, outreach for lived experiences, rural focus groups, direct review of final drafts and more.  

According to a state press release, the new Statewide Housing Partnership will lead a coordinated, data-driven, outcome-oriented approach to housing, ensuring that all Michiganders have a safe, affordable place to call home. 

The partnership will also establish regional consortiums to ensure statewide initiatives build on local efforts whenever possible, and they will keep Michiganders updated on their progress with public-facing communications.

Later this month, join your peers and CMF’s Government Relations and Public Policy team and OFL in a conversation with MSHDA on how recent investments are working to address housing needs.

We’ll learn more about the goals, strategies and outcome measures outlined in the SHP that was informed by community voice and philanthropy. We will also discuss systemic changes needed to ensure that housing needs are being addressed equitably and learn how philanthropy can engage in the implementation of the plan. 

In addition to the partnership, the state announced a Michigan Strategic Fund approval of $83.8 million in funding across 22 statewide affordable housing and community development projects around Michigan through the Revitalization and Placemaking (RAP) program.

The RAP utilizes $100 million in federal American Rescue Plan dollars to support investments in projects that promote population and tax revenue growth and redevelop permanent place-based infrastructure in downtowns, social zones and outdoor areas. 

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Join your peers for a briefing with MSHDA to learn more about the SHP and philanthropy’s role in addressing housing needs.