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Diana Sieger Announces Retirement Following 35 Years of Service at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation

After more than 35 years of dedicated service, Diana Sieger, President of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation will retire this year.

Diana Sieger, Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Content excerpted from an original Grand Rapids Community Foundation press release.

After more than 35 years of dedicated service, Grand Rapids Community Foundation (GRCF) president Diana R. Sieger will retire in 2023. Diana has served as president at the community foundation since 1987, fearlessly moving forward to address key issues and leading transformative initiatives to support all in West Michigan.

“I have been honored to serve this community foundation and our community. I am proud of our efforts to lead the community to strengthen the lives of its people. The efforts of trustees, staff, donor, community and nonprofit partners have been an inspiration to me during my career, and I know there are many who will continue to work with passion for the future of the Community Foundation and Kent County,” Diana Sieger, president of GRCF said.

Under Diana’s leadership, the community foundation grew its financial assets from $38 million to $387 million and from a staff of three to more than 30. Its governance changed to a board appointed model, an accepted practice in the community foundation field that removes potential conflicts of interest.

Other efforts led by Diana, including the creation of grantmaking committees, have opened the organization to community input and leadership in decision making. A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion was formalized in the organization’s North Star and operationalized through an adaptive strategy.

Diana has served in various leadership roles in our CMF community of philanthropy including as a current co-chair of the Statewide Equity Fund Strategic Support Pilot Working Group and serving in previous roles as chair and trustee of CMF’s Board of Trustees, CMF Advisory Cabinet member, Community Foundations Committee chair, a Foundation Liaison Advisory Committee member, P-20 Education Affinity Group member and CMF’s Annual Conference Host Committee member among others.

Diana was honored with the 2022 Dr. Russell G. Mawby Award for Philanthropy during CMF’s 50th Annual Conference in Grand Rapids in November.

“Diana’s commitment to the Grand Rapids region, the community foundation, philanthropy across Michigan and nationally just cannot be overstated. Philanthropists and nonprofit leaders have benefited enormously from Diana’s principled, strong and empathetic leadership. Her impact goes beyond the numbers including the tremendous growth of the community foundation’s endowment and grantmaking. Diana has positioned the Grand Rapids Community Foundation to be a catalyst for equitable systems change for more than 35 years. The community foundation staff, Board of Trustees and community partners feel privileged to have worked with her and are grateful for her many contributions and to live in the brilliance of her legacy,” Kyle Caldwell, president and CEO of CMF and chair of the GRCF Board of Trustees said.

A leadership transition process led by the organization’s Board of Trustees has begun to find the nonprofit organization’s next leader. A search committee, led by former Board Chairs Carlos Sanchez and Kathleen Vogelsang, has been established and is made up of former and current trustees and volunteers.

The group will develop ways to connect with constituents about the position profile and assess the leadership skills and experience the position requires. Based on those engagements, the Board will engage a search firm, with a goal to fill the position by fall 2023.