CMF Web Services

CMF Web Services is an easy, cost-effective way for foundations to launch their online presence with a website without spending a fortune.

Our staff will work closely with foundation leadership to identify your organization’s needs and goals and create a fully customized website reflective of your mission and brand.

Why create a website? A website can aid in:

  • Improved quality of grant applications
  • Sharing foundation’s goals and accomplishments with others
  • Connecting with next generation grantseekers
  • Promoting the donor’s legacy and values
  • Sharing information with foundation board and staff

Why partner with CMF?

  • CMF is a trusted source that understands foundations and philanthropy
  • CMF Web Services creates a website fully customizable to foundation needs
  • Low package pricing is cost-saving and convenient

Sample websites powered by CMF Web Services

For detailed information and pricing on CMF Web Services, contact Bill Corkill, Senior Vice President for Information Technology and Membership Systems.