Value and Benefits

Philanthropies throughout Michigan and beyond join the Council of Michigan Foundations because our insights of the philanthropic community are both comprehensive and current. So are our connections to the people and resources that will help you accomplish your mission.

From helping you build internal capacity to tackling critical issues, we have the experience, presence and expertise to educate, advocate for and mobilize the philanthropic community. But don't just take it from us. Hear what our members have to say:


Core Priorities

Equity is a pillar of our work, and equity is embedded across the pillars of policy, practice and people.

  • Equity

    We seek to embolden and equip Michigan philanthropy in the relentless pursuit of equitable systems and the embrace of inclusive diversity.

  • Policy

    We seek to fortify the field through public policy action, and champion the policy leadership of CMF members.

  • People

    We seek to foster the growth and development of current and future philanthropy leaders.

  • Practice

    We seek to advance and amplify exemplary philanthropic practices and field expertise.

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Ready to learn more?

We would be pleased to discuss if CMF membership is right for your organization. To schedule a meeting, contact Bill Corkill at [email protected] or 616.850.2128.