Values-Based Grantmaking in Family Foundations

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Family foundations offer some of the strongest values for philanthropic giving, and many of those values endure through generations of family involvement. What happens, though, when new generations want to alter the scope of family giving, or see different opportunities for focus areas? Values-Based Grantmaking in Family Foundations, presented by Peak Grantmaking, will cover the most common values for foundations and how they are put into practice, as well as the ins and outs of revisiting values to affirm or change them as the foundation evolves over time.


Melissa Sines, director, effective practices program, PEAK Grantmaking

As the director of the effective practices program at Peak Grantmaking, Melissa Sines works with internal teams, external consultants, volunteer advisory groups, and partner organizations to articulate and highlight the best ways to make grants – Effective Practices. This body of work will help to define the role of grants management in philanthropic institutions in the United States and across the world. Prior to joining PEAK Grantmaking, Melissa was the Education and Accreditation Director at Maryland Nonprofits and the Standards for Excellence Institute, where she oversaw nonprofit accreditation and the association’s learning community.


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Hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and originally published February 21, 2019

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