So You Want to Engage Next Gen? Lessons In Engagement, Straight From The Source

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Next Gen engagement is a priority topic on the table for community foundations. Younger generations’ expectations around employment and careers, foundations as institutions, and philanthropy in general might challenge traditions in foundation and nonprofit boards and in donor families.

What can community foundations do to truly engage rising generations as successful donors, fund advisors, board members, and staff members? Indiana Philanthropy Alliance has been talking with a new generation of creative and dedicated philanthropic professionals about their goals and needs and about what they hear from their peers. In this webinar, a few will share great ideas and practices around effective Next Gen engagement and you’ll hear other ideas picked up from IPA’s conversations.


Samantha Alarie-Leca, program officer, The West Foundation
Samantha adds a dynamic combination of training and hands-on experience in the nonprofit sector to the West Foundation’s work in collaborating with high-impact, grassroots international development programs. As the foundation’s inaugural Program Officer, she is responsible for developing and supporting partnerships with its constituent organizations, as well as establishing communications with potential new partners for the gifting program. Ms. Alarie-Leca also holds an M.S. in Nonprofit Leadership from the School of Social Policy and Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, which she earned in 2013. While at Penn, she served as a Fellow for the prestigious Lipman Family Prize with the Leadership Office at the Wharton School of Business. The $100,000 prize is annually awarded to a single non-profit organization in recognition of excellence in the social sector.

Brienne Hooker, executive director, Jasper Newton Foundation
Brienne came to the community foundation world just 2 years ago and jumped into the deep end of the pool with no arm floaties on. She fell in love with her community foundation as a volunteer in college, taking staff and grant recipient photos for annual reports, and interning for the arts organization that lives upstairs in the foundation’s office building. Brienne enjoys the everyday challenges and joys that working with the community foundation can bring. She welcomes the opportunity to be aware of the deep needs as well as the super heroes of the communities she serves. Brienne has spent her first two years spreading the message of #LoveWhereYouLive to the Jasper and Newton county area and plans to keep learning and build up the community foundation to be the “Grand Central Station” of partnership, support, and connection for local donors and nonprofits.

Wyatt Jackson, president/CEO, Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin
Prior to this position, Wyatt served the Community Foundation of Crawford County (CFCC) in southern Indiana as the Programs and Operations Manager. He also has served as the CFCC Interim Director, Dubois County Community Foundation Lilly Endowment Graduate Intern, an assistant to the Indiana University Foundation President, intern within IU Foundation’s Corporate Relations Department, and member of the IU Student Foundation’s Little 500 Steering Committee. He has served on the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis Division of Student Affairs development team and brings experience in nonprofit curriculum and development from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s The Fundraising School.

Sarah Origer, director of development, Northern Indiana Community Foundation
Sarah Origer, originally from Nebraska, graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Political Science. She then accepted a fellowship at the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society, and Law, which led to a position as Strategic Operations Coordinator at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. After meeting her husband, Nathan, she moved to Indiana, where they are now fourth-generation occupants of the Origer family farm near English Lake. She accepted a position as the Director of Development at the Northern Indiana Community Foundation in 2011. Sarah is a lover of classical music and Indiana sunsets, an aspiring Purdue Master Gardener, an audio book addict, and a self-described wrangler of a loveable canine terror.

Tony Macklin, CAP®, consultant, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (moderator)
A Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®, Tony consults with donor families, grantmakers, and their advisors and associations about purpose, use of resources, action planning, and learning. In four years as executive director of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation, he facilitated changes in visioning, impact investing, grantmaking, trustee education, and operations for a multi-generation family. In twelve years and four roles at the Central Indiana Community Foundation, he led grantmaking and community change initiatives, advised generous entrepreneurs and families on philanthropic tools and strategy, attracted $39 million in assets and co-investments, and co-founded a social enterprise. Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Tony is a Senior Advisor to the Impact Finance Center, Associate with Ekstrom Alley Clontz & Associates, and consultant with the National Center for Family Philanthropy’s community foundation network.

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