Measuring Your Giving ROI: Demonstrating Results, Sharing Impact

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Like other areas of business, leaders responsible for philanthropic investments and employee volunteering want to demonstrate their value-add to the company. There is increased pressure to tie philanthropy and volunteerism to the triple bottom line. Research studies champion that philanthropy and volunteerism can provide tangible internal and external benefits for corporations. The truth is, measuring a company’s social impact is not easy. However, it is important to validate the role of philanthropy and volunteerism in corporate responsibility and citizenship. So, how do you know what is important to measure? What is the impact story you want to share? How does measurement support strategic goals and objectives? During this webinar, we’ll explore these questions, as well as how measurement is used to demonstrate ROI, current trends and how practitioners are responding, tools to support effective measurement, and steps to advance your company’s measurement journey.


DeShele Dorsey Taylor, chief strategist officer, Dorsey Impact Solutions

DeShele is a trusted advisor in the philanthropy and fundraising fields. With more than a decade of experience and successes, DeShele leverages her practical and theoretical expertise to support corporations, philanthropies, and nonprofits in the planning, development, and execution of outcome-centered initiatives that address social change. She has provided counsel to Fortune 500™ companies as a consultant and division leader for the corporate practices at TCC Group and Changing Our World. In 2013, she established Dorsey Impact Solutions to help organizations achieve greater impact. through solution-focused community engagement efforts.


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Hosted by Indiana Philanthropy Alliance and originally published June 28, 2017

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