Developing the Skills-Based Volunteering Program That's Right for Your Company

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Skills-based or “Pro Bono" service is the fastest growing form of Corporate Volunteering.*  Often described as the ‘win-win-win’ of corporate community engagement, pro bono programs are uniquely well-suited to simultaneously benefit the community, provide meaningful engagement for employees, and contribute to business objectives. But where do you start and how do you assess what type of program design will work best for your company?  Join CMF and Taproot Foundation as we unpack why corporations are doing Pro Bono service and who’s doing it successfully, explore what different models look like, and identify what type of program would be most impactful for your unique organization.

*Source: CECP Giving in Numbers: 2015 Edition.


Jailan Adly, senior consultant, advisory services, Taproot Foundation
Jailan Adly is a corporate engagement strategist who designs, develops, and implements unique corporate pro bono programs. Jailan has managed Corporate Pro Bono programs for Fortune 500 companies from the IT, health, agriculture, finance, and transportation sectors in countries including the US, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, India, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. She has designed training curriculum to prepare business professionals to provide high-caliber consulting services to enterprises, entrepreneurs, and NGOs in emerging and frontier markets. Jailan has a strong background in non-profit capacity building and has forged mutually beneficial relationships between diverse stakeholders from the private, public, and social sectors. She has held consulting roles in Lebanon, Egypt, and Jamaica where she designed sustainable tourism strategies for the public and private sectors. She holds a BA in International Affairs and a Masters in Tourism from The George Washington University.

Lindsay Firestone Gruber, managing director of advisory services, Taproot Foundation
Lindsay Firestone Gruber is a widely recognized authority on corporate pro bono programs. As the Managing Director of the Taproot Foundation's Advisory Services Practice, Lindsay and her team work with companies to help them develop and scale their own in-house pro bono programs connecting the professional skills of their employees with the needs of nonprofits and other community partners. Since founding Taproot’s corporate consulting practice in 2008, Lindsay has been a trusted advisor in the development and growth of many of the leading corporate programs across industries and is a frequent public speaker and author on corporate philanthropy, employee engagement and nonprofit capacity building.


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