Robin Miner-Swartz

Get to Know Robin:

Robin Miner-Swartz has merged two decades of experience in journalism and community philanthropy into her own consulting business. She has a passion for writing, editing and managing publications to ensure they deliver clear, compelling messages. She has presented at statewide conferences and traveled across Michigan to help organizations become better at telling their stories.

As Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Capital Region Community Foundation, Robin planned, reported, wrote and designed CRCF’s award-winning, magazine-style annual report. She also created a toolkit for agency fundholders to help promote their endowment funds and a series of brochures designed to help professional advisers advocate for philanthropy to their clients.

Robin has presented at CMF conferences, collaborated with other CF communicators to develop new marketing materials and served on the steering committee for CommA, the national organization for communication professionals at community foundations.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Philanthropic communications
  • Storytelling
  • Media relations
  • Annual reports
  • Project management
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand audit
  • Strategic communications
  • Website editing and content creation

Foundation Experience:

  • Capital Region Community Foundation
  • Council of Michigan Foundations
  • CommA steering committee
  • Seattle Foundation
  • Communities Foundation of Texas
  • Chippewa County Community Foundation

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