Transfer of Wealth in Rural America

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April, 2012

Included in this toolkit: electronic copy of the Center's book, Transfer of Wealth in Rural America; Discussion Guide offering suggestions for use with foundation board members, staff and other community leaders; customizable PowerPoint presentation with detailed script.

To see details of the included tools, click the overview attached below.

In the book, Transfer of Wealth in Rural America, Don Macke, Deborah Markley and Ahmet Binerer share the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship's new transfer of wealth scenarios for the U.S.; a remarkable $15.4 trillion could be passed from one generation to the next over the next 20 years. What might this mean for communities and foundations, particularly in rural America?

This toolkit was created to help foundation leaders present the transfer of wealth opportunity to board and community leaders and to begin the tough but important conversations about capturing and investing wealth for the future. The timing of wealth transfer and constrained public sector resources mean we need to begin these conversations today!

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*Hard copies of Transfer of Wealth in Rural America: Understanding the Potential, Realizing the Opportunity, Creating Wealth for the Future may be ordered from the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship by contacting them at [email protected]

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