Redefining Expectations for Place Based Philanthropy

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December, 2014

Lessons learned in place-based philanthropy from The California Endowment strategic review.

Funders are increasingly interested in investing deeply in place. Yet, community-change initiatives often fail to meet the transformative expectations of their designers. The California Endowment is taking a new tack in an effort to uncover and avoid pitfalls, both common and hidden, and make a real difference in its community through Building Healthy Communities.

What are the promising new approaches to place-based philanthropy, and how can we learn what's happening along the way?

Redefining Expectations for Place-based Philanthropy is the result of a mid-point evaluation that took place three years into The California Endowment's ten-year, billion-dollar strategy. Co-authored by Katelyn Mack and Hallie Preskill alongside The Endowment's Jim Keddy and Mona K. Jhawar, the article recently published in The Foundation Review (2014, Vol. 6.4) assesses early successes, as well as strategic challenges, and is a helpful resource for philanthropists and evaluators engaged or interested in place-based work.

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