A Handbook for Giving Circle Hosts

Publication date: 
January, 2008

Thinking about hosting or starting a giving circle? This handbook is a practical tool that will help you think through the pros and cons, the ins and outs, and the nuts and bolts of developing and supporting a healthy giving circle.

This handbook is written for organizations considering becoming and those that have already decided to be a host to a giving circle. Organizations that have long-standing relationships with giving circles may also find this handbook to be useful. Most nonprofit organizations, foundations, and associations can serve as effective hosts for giving circles. Because most giving circle hosts are community foundations or other public foundations, many of the examples in this handbook speak to their particular needs and concerns. The audience for this handbook is the staff and, especially, the boards of potential host organizations. Because hosting a giving circle is a strategic decision, we encourage boards of directors to use this handbook as a decision-making and planning tool. 

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