Global Youth Philanthropy Summit 2014

Publication date: 
October, 2014

Young leaders from 14 nations gathered for the first ever Global Youth Community Philanthropy Summit in June 2014, made possible through the generous support of the C. S. Mott Foundation and hosted by CMF and the Council on Foundations. They shared perspectives and models and together envisioned the future of local giving by and for young people. Summit participants represented a great diversity of programs and approaches—all ways to foster community on the part of young people around the world. They found these differences and commonalities to be fertile ground for grappling with pressing issues and entertaining new ideas. Many made personal and professional connections and brought back solutions to try in their home communities. All left with the conviction that youth philanthropy is a field worth investment, commitment and concerted action.

This report documents major themes emerging from the summit, including inspiring approaches, trending topics and the networks needed to amplify youth community philanthropy in the future.

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