Getting to Impact Discussion Guide Series

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December, 2012
The Getting to Impact Discussion Guide Series from Exponent Philanthropy helps you facilitate discussions among your board members or local community of grantmakers with one purpose in mind: to explore and strengthen a commitment to having an impact with your giving. Each of the eight guides builds on the others in a sequence of discussions that moves from exploring impact, to planning for it, to evaluating it. Individual guides include:
1. Why Every Foundation Can and Should Have Impact 
2. Why Defining Your Focus Is Critical 
3. Good Grantmaking Demands Field Knowledge 
4. Finding Success Through a Clear Vision and Road Map 
5. Moving Board and Staff Members to Pursue Impact 
6. Why Evaluation Is a Key Component in Increasing Your Impact 
7. Evaluation: What It Is and Isn’t 
8. Making Evaluation Manageable and Meaningful
This resource was part of the 2014 CMF Foundations 101 program.
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