Diversity, Inclusion and Effective Philanthropy

Publication date: 
November, 2012

Diversity, Inclusion & Effective Philanthropy provides a fresh perspective on how social diversity and inclusiveness can be used as practical considerations to achieve more impactful results in philanthropic giving.

Philanthropists who want to increase impact and reduce waste are turning to diversity and inclusion as tools for effective giving. Good intentions do not make for philanthropic success on their own.

Blind spots cost philanthropists—and the causes they espouse—dearly. A gift can be given for the right reasons to the wrong group. A grant can be generously dispersed, but without careful research. An investment in a social enterprise with great promise can be rendered impotent by a misguided business plan. To make the most of their philanthropic dollars, donors practice due diligence. Staff, advisors and even donors themselves check financial information, perform site visits and talk to experienced stakeholders. This much is well known. But when the concepts of diversity and inclusion are added to basic due diligence, the result can create a philanthropy that is both responsive and efficient.

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