Consumers Guide to Integrated Software for Community Foundations

Publication date: 
January, 2012

The Consumers Guide to Integrated Software for Community Foundations looks at the features and processes used by five different integrated software solutions to help community foundations manage funds, track grants throughout their life cycles, solicit donations, provide online support for donor advised funds, and tracking accounting data. It compares the strengths and weaknesses of five different integrated grants management packages, showing how they stack up against 18 high level categories, and then detailing the functionality of each for more than 130 specific critieria that are important to community foundations.  The report features a description of the features that are generally available, summaries of the five systems, a comparison chart, and then detailed reviews of each system.

What products are included? All the products available to fill this complex set of needs:  Bromelkamp Community Pearl, ChesterCAP Dotche, FusionLabs GrantedGE,  MicroEdge FIMS, and Stellar Technology Solutions iPhi Suite.

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