Collective Insights on Collective Impact

Publication date: 
September, 2014

Sponsored and curated by the Collective Impact Forum, "Collective Insights on Collective Impact," which appears in Stanford Social Innovation Review's fall (2014) issue, shares cutting-edge thinking from 22 practitioners, funders, community organizers, and thought-leaders. Through the diverse voices of the authors, you can dive deeper into important collective impact topics such as public policy, evaluation, sources of power, and community engagement.



Article Topics and Authors

  • Essential Mindset Shifts for Collective Impact
    John Kania and Fay Hanleybrown, FSG, and Jennifer Splansky Juster, Collective Impact Forum
  • Defining Quality Collective Impact
    Jeff Edmonson, StriveTogether and Ben Hecht, Living Cities
  • The Role of Grantmakers in Collective Impact
    Lori Bartczak, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
  • Power Dynamics in Collective Impact
    Mary Jean Ryan, Community Center for Education Results
  • Roundtable on Community Engagement and Collective Impact
    Moderated by Melody Barnes, Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions
  • Aligning Collective Impact Initiatives
    Merita Irby and Patrick Boyle, Forum for Youth Investment
  • Learning in Action: Evaluating Collective Impact
    Marcie Parkhurst and Hallie Preskill, FSG
  • Achieving Collective Impact for Opportunity Youth
    Lili Allen and Adria Steinberg, Jobs for the Future, and Monique Miles, Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions
  • Making Public Policy Collective Impact Friendly
    Thaddeus Ferber,  Forum for Youth Investment and Erin White, FSG


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