Building Age-Friendly, Inclusive & Competitive Communities

Publication date: 
February, 2014

Demographic shifts in communities across the world are forcing us to view environmental and social issues from a lens of sustainable practices. Conversations around aging in place, community building and planning, and inclusive policy-making now involve a diverse group of stakeholders, including city officials, planners, health care professionals, state and federal government departments, social workers, and members of the philanthropic community.

Use this conversation to learn about different approaches that have been used in urban, suburban, and rural communities throughout Michigan to create and sustain the built environment aspect to age-friendly communities. We will also learn about how local units of government have a critical role in the process of building and maintaining inclusive communities. This interactive conversation will feature the work of CMF members and our partners in the sector, and highlight the value of collaboration in building age-friendly, competitive, and inclusive communities.

Daniel P. Gilmartin
, CEO & Executive Director, Michigan Municipal League
Roger L. Myers, President & CEO, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

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