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At a Glance

Things I Can Help You With: 

I've spent most of my career in nonprofit and early childhood public policy, so I can help with things like understanding the perspective of nonprofit partners and putting together the puzzle pieces of early childhood programs and policies that help strengthen families. I've also facilitated my fair share meetings and helped professionals come to consensus on big issues, so ask me for tips and hints if you have an important meeting coming up. I'm also an avid reader, so I'll always have a book recommendation (or two) ready for you.

Get to know Anne

Describe what you do in your role.

I support the Southeast Michigan Early Childhood Funders Collaborative (SEMI-ECFC) to strengthen early childhood systems. This means that I facilitate meetings for this group to help them align priorities, specifically addressing the immediate and long-term needs of families in the region. I track progress and communicate these priorities and funding outcomes. I work closely with the Hope Starts Here initiative, helping to drive toward more equitable funding for early childhood services in Detroit. 

What do you enjoy the most about your work?

What's great about the SEMI-ECFC is the impact this group of funders has chosen to have by working together to improve early childhood and family support services in the region. The best part of my job is simply being a part of making a real impact on the early childhood system by helping people communicate with each other and with the families we serve.

What are the causes you’re most passionate about?

I am most passionate about racial justice, which means I am always working towards redistributing resources to marginalized communities to repair the damage done by centuries of oppression and degradation. I am a prison abolitionist and a proponent of reparations for Black Americans. I believe that quality education is a human right and can be an equalizing force for future generations. I am also passionate about supporting women’s ability to have healthy pregnancies for themselves and their babies. 

What inspires, challenges or motivates you?

Brilliant, talented, diligent and passionate people inspire me. I’m grateful to work in this field because I continuously meet people who know more than me and push me to be more imaginative about policy solutions that serve children and families. Knowing that there are entire communities of people working tirelessly to serve their neighbors inspires me to bring my best self to the table every single day. 

What do you love about Michigan?

Michigan is the most beautiful state in the country. My mom grew up in Detroit and my dad grew up in Ishpeming, a tiny city in the Upper Peninsula. This combination meant summers traveling up and down the state to experience everything the state has to offer, from live music in Campus Martius to wineries (when I was old enough) in Traverse City to picking blueberries at the bluff in Ishpeming. I’ve been to many places since living in Michigan, but I’ve never found more beauty than in my home state. 


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