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Online Communities

Online communities provide an interactive forum for members to engage with their peers on topics and issues important to their work. Members can join the conversation through ongoing group emails and online forums. Curate content using the daily digest function that delivers all of the day's messages in one easy-to-read email, track conversations as they're happening and stay connected with your online community's activity through a dashboard. 

You can use our online communities to: 

  • Pose a question. 

  • Discuss and brainstorm issues. 

  • Request assistance on a specific topic or challenge. 

  • Alert colleagues about upcoming events or breaking news. 

  • Share documents and resources. 

CMF operates its online communities with an opt-in policy, meaning that members must subscribe to participate. We do not automatically add new members to online communities.

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View instructions and policies for our online communities.

What’s New for Online Communities

  • This new platform displays the group’s online community participants to enhance peer-to-peer connections.
  • You can access and manage your online communities at any time by visiting “My Account” and then clicking “Peer Groups.” 
  • You can tag your colleagues in conversations using the “@” function followed by their name.
  • You can “like” a post.
  • You can choose to receive personal messages from other CMF members in your groups.
  • You can also continue to customize your conversation notification preferences:
    • You can choose to receive real-time notifications or create a custom schedule that enables “do not disturb” hours.
    • The “Categories” page allows you to further customize your notifications in ongoing group conversations and topics.  
  • If you’re a member of more than one online community, you can pin your most active group to the top of your groups for easy access.

*If you do not want your name and organization information displayed as a participant in an online community, click on “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the site and then select “Edit Profile” to edit your privacy settings.

Sign up and get connected today!  

View instructions and policies for our online communities.

Click on an online community below to join the group or get engaged in the conversation. You can join a new online community by visiting its page below and either clicking "join" or submitting a request to join if the community is designated as a private group with an *.

Don’t see your group represented? Email us to discuss starting a new online community. We recommend starting an online community with an active group of at least 10 colleagues.