Our Role

CMF supports a strong partnership between government and the nonprofit sector and represents the collective voice of philanthropy in Michigan to policymakers.

CMF's community of philanthropy recognizes that work on issues of concern to policymakers and their constituents at the district, state and federal levels – often through public-private partnerships – is vital to the success of our shared goal to grow the impact of Michigan philanthropy. CMF’s advocacy efforts focus on issues that may have long-term, systemic impact and where philanthropy’s voice can resonate.

While CMF represents the collective interests of philanthropy in Michigan, it is important to note that membership dues do not go towards advocacy work.

Government Relations Public Policy Committee

The CMF Government Relations Public Policy Committee serves as a conduit between CMF members and the efforts of government to address public issues of importance to philanthropy and the Michigan communities they serve. The primary purpose of the Government Relations Public Policy Committee is to advance philanthropy’s collective voice in public policy.

The CMF Government Relations Public Policy Committee supports policy engagement consistent with CMF’s mission, vision, and values that:

  • Maintain a healthy philanthropic sector.
  • Promote and advance equity.
  • Address the needs of Michigan residents, especially in marginalized communities.
  • Engage philanthropy as meaningful partners in the development, implementation and oversight of public policies that support, rather than supplant, government services.

COVID-19 Working Group

The COVID-19 pandemic has unearthed new challenges and exposed existing inequities in Michigan and around the nation—in many cases exacerbating established problems that have historically affected underrepresented populations, especially Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), those living in low-income parts of Michigan (including urban, rural and suburban communities), low-wage workers, people with disabilities and people without documentation.

The Michigan Philanthropy COVID-19 Working Group is an ad hoc committee of CMF, composed of 25 foundation leaders and partners collaborating to help connect, strengthen and mobilize the Michigan community of philanthropy in advancing a collective responses to the short- and long-term challenges of the pandemic. 

The Working Group developed the Building an Equitable Future Together policy framework, which serves as a timely, focused and strategic platform to advance the interests and priorities of Michigan philanthropy in the face of multiple crises that Michiganders are facing. The framework is anchored by three policy domains: public health, education and economic prosperity. In alignment with those domains are action-oriented principles to help guide practices and policies now and in the future as we continue to center our work in equity.

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William C. Richardson Fellowship in Government Affairs & Philanthropy

The William C. Richardson Fellow in Government Affairs & Philanthropy supports CMF’s public policy work. The Fellowship, named after the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s former president and CEO, introduces future policymakers to the philanthropic sector and the ways it influences and partners with the public sector.