Mentoring Program

The CMF Mentoring Program is a six-month mentorship program designed to develop a pipeline to a career in philanthropy for a diverse group of emerging leaders, each with unique and varying experiences the philanthropic sector can benefit from.  

Mentoring Program participants:

  • CONNECT: Through monthly engagements, foster long-lasting business relationships and share your knowledge
  • DEVELOP: Through webinars and personalized sessions with an executive coach, develop your leadership style
  • LEARN: Through in-person meetings, webinars and 1:1 interaction, learn from those who have deep expertise in philanthropy
  • GROW: Through intentional engagement, expand your leadership skills and broaden your professional network

“This program offers an unmatched opportunity to grow, sow and interact with high-performing, effective philanthropic leaders in an environment steeped in content and energy.  My experience - first as a mentee and now as a mentor - continues to prove relevant and productive.”  Lynnette J. Ferrell | Senior Program Officer, Frey Foundation 

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2018 Meeting Dates

January 12 - Meeting
February 27 - Webinar
April 13 - Meeting
May 1 - Webinar
June 1 - Presentation & Graduation