Census 2020

An accurate, fair and reliable count makes all the difference.

Proposed changes to collect the majority of census responses online and financial constraints increase the potential of undercounting many, including young children, minorities, low-income individuals and other marginalized individuals. In Michigan, urban areas with high economic stress and rural areas with high levels of poverty will be most at risk for an undercount. 

That's why, in partnership with The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers (Forum) and regional funders across the nation, we are engaging in an initiative toward in a more fair and accurate census count in 2020.

Michigan needs an accurate, fair and reliable count to:

  • Maintain a fair, proportionate representation in Congress.
  • Secure adequate federal funding for education, health care, housing, food and income security and rural access to broadband.
  • Help community and business leaders plan to address emerging social services, business and infrastructure needs.

Foundations rely on census data to:

  • Identify community needs and demographic trends that inform long-term plans and grants
  • Measure impact, which drives many investment decisions at foundations
  • Share the stories of community impact from foundations and their partners

How You Can Participate:

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