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Detroit EM Kevyn Orr shared his insights with the Detroit Area Grantmakers in November.


Association of Baltimore Grantmakers is providing updates specifically on how the shutdown is affecting the work of nonprofits.


Join the Charitable Giving Coalition’s “Protect Giving Day," Nov. 20 in Washington D.C. to make sure lawmakers understand the role and value of the charitable deduction in our communities.


It’s called IXITI, the brainchild of CultureSource, and its developers say they expect it to soon revolutionize arts and culture in southeastern Michigan.


Fred A. Erb led a most extraordinary life, one filled with tremendous business success earned through his hard work and entrepreneurial skills in the lumber industry.


The Kalamazoo Community Foundation will receive its single, largest gift of unrestricted funds - $23 million - as the result of a recent court settlement agreement with Pfizer Inc.


Photos and notes from this year's awards.


Michigan is facing unprecedented challenges as ever-changing economic, social and governmental issues combine to make development of successfully diverse and sustainable communities both a political and financial necessity.


Melonie Colaianne, president of the MASCO Corporation Foundation, shares a "great" story about her very favorite great grant through MASCO's "REACH" program.


Finding new ways to discuss the issue of – and solutions for - climate change is key to moving the effort forward environmental experts shared at a recent CMF Green and Blue Network meeting.


It’s one of Michigan’s poorest per-capita income counties with a relatively small and aged population base that has more interest in agricultural magazines than corporate financial ledgers. But when it comes to sharing an amazing wealth of compassion, ideas and philanthropic dollars to help their neighbors and friends, residents there know there’s no place quite like Mecosta County, Michigan.


The unique program was designed to attract, retain and promote future, diverse leadership for philanthropy by creating a pipeline of new talent and energy, pairing experienced mentors with young and/or inexperienced mentees new to the field.