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Supporting the Spartan Community

We’re sharing timely resources and updates from our CMF community and the state as we seek to continue supporting our Lansing neighbors and colleagues following the tragic shooting on Michigan State University’s campus. We will continue to update this list of resources and responses as more emerge from the field. 

Spartan Strong

We’re sharing timely resources and updates from our CMF community and the state as we seek to continue supporting our Lansing neighbors and colleagues following the tragic shooting on Michigan State University’s campus. We will continue to update this list of resources and responses as more emerge from the field. 

MSU created the Spartan Strong Fund, which has raised over $250,000. While MSU is covering hospital bills for the students who were injured, the Spartan Strong Fund will provide support for the evolving needs of the individuals most critically impacted. The fund will also be used for student and staff counseling, campus safety enhancements, and recognition for those directly involved with the crisis, such as first responders. 

In 2022 and 2023, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT) Metro Lansing, hosted by One Love Global, chose its primary goal to be that no child will die from gun violence. On social, One Love Global is sharing how March for Our Lives, the State of Michigan Board of Education President and MSU students recently advocated for the passage of new gun legislation. Learn more.

CMF members and our staff will be wearing Spartan Strong pins while meeting with policymakers on Capitol Hill this week, as part of Foundations on the Hill, to show our continued support for all who have been touched by this tragedy.

On social media, Capital Region Community Foundation and the United Way of South Central Michigan shared their deep sorrow for the victims and their families and friends:

“Our community has now found itself on a growing list of communities forever scarred by a mass shooting. We are all grieving that fact. As our society looks for solutions to this senseless and ever-mounting problem, there is something each one of us can do.”

The community foundation highlighted organizations on the front lines that support and advocate for victims of violence, support people struggling with mental illness and provide programs that work to prevent gun violence and make our communities safer.

Here’s a statement from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation: “Schools should be places where students can explore the world.”

“Relentless in our need to heal and help. To bring new imaginations to light. We rise for ourselves and others.” Angelique Power, President and CEO of The Skillman Foundation, shared in a message.

Michigan Women Forward extended its support to the students, faculty, staff and community and shared several mental health resources on its social media.

The Blood Cancer Foundation of Michigan shared its support for the Michigan State University community.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation shared its support.


The Michigan Department of Attorney General shared what to look out for when donating to a relief fund and how to donate safely to disaster relief efforts and avoid charity scams.  

Learning to Give, an endowed program of CMF, offers a service project to support youth in responding to a traumatic event or loss.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and Attorney General Dana Nessel are sharing tips for college students, young adults and survivors coping after the MSU shooting and other traumatic events. You can access these resources in CMF’s Knowledge Center.

Our partners at Council on Foundations have gathered guidance, resources and efforts foundations are undertaking in response to gun violence and mass shootings. Read More.

Center for Disaster Philanthropy shared practices philanthropy can implement and actions to support to help fill the needs of communities, individuals and their families affected by crisis. Read More.

The University of Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention has established a list of resources to support communities and provided evidence-based solutions to address firearm violence and school shootings. Read more.

Ask CMF’s FAQs About Disasters explore frequently asked questions about managing foundation operations and grant programs under disaster conditions. View the Resource.

If you are looking for additional resources or support, please connect with our team. We will continue to lift up timely resources and supports around gun violence prevention, mental health supports and crisis response efforts.

Gun Violence Prevention Research & Examples from MI Philanthropy

CFSEM Youth Advisory Committee Engages Young Leaders After Oxford Shooting

Following the shooting at Oxford High School in late 2021, the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan’s (CFSEM) Board of Trustees responded by creating a $100,000 grant pool to help southeast Michigan high schools tackle mental health, gun violence, and school safety and asked its youth advisory committee (YAC) to oversee the funds. YAC members recently shared their story. Read More.

Supporting Gun Violence Prevention through Research and Policy Solutions

The Joyce Foundation, a CMF member, has supported research and education and focused on evidence-informed policies and strategies to reduce gun violence and help make communities safer for over 25 years. Learn more about Joyce’s Gun Violence & Justice Reform program.

A report from The Joyce Foundation includes work from Toward a Fair and Just Response to Gun Violence, a group convened by the foundation to address gun violence in communities. The group includes advocates, prosecutors and defense attorneys, policy experts, researchers, violence intervention practitioners and members of law enforcement. Learn More.

Fund for a Safe Future, supported by The Joyce Foundation, supports advocacy, research, education, and community-based organizing in order to reduce gun injuries and deaths. Learn More.

A Community Leadership Approach to Gun Violence Prevention

The Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Kalamazoo Community Foundation were recently featured nationally for their efforts as two of the four community foundations participating in CFLeads’ first-ever cohort of the Gun Violence Prevention Network. Read More.

Advancing Solutions to End Gun Violence & Support Community Healing

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation supports several nonprofit partners and projects across the country that are aimed at addressing and reducing gun violence, including Detroit Friends & Family. Learn More.  

If you have resources, research or stories to share around your own work in gun violence prevention or mental health supports, please connect with us.