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Philanthropy Supporting Ukraine: The Latest Resources and Updates

Philanthropy continues to explore how it can best support the ongoing needs of those impacted by the war.

Ukraine Flag

In February, it will mark a year since Russia invaded Ukraine. As the war continues, philanthropy explores how it can best support the ongoing needs of those impacted by it.

According to real-time data collected by Candid, 1,570 grants worth over $1.5 billion have been provided in response to the crisis in Ukraine as well as 192 pledges worth nearly $1.2 billion.

The Council on Foundations (COF), in partnership with CMF member Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, has hosted several discussions as part of its Philanthropy Supporting Ukraine webinar series.

The series has featured several experts in the field that have shared the latest needs emerging from Ukraine, highlighted resources and provided an open space for funders to discuss supporting the humanitarian response.

The sessions have focused on the current, near-term and longer-term needs that philanthropy can help address and the humanitarian assistance needed to support vulnerable groups, including women, children and the elderly.

The most recent funders-only roundtable discussion last week focused on how lessons learned from the war in Ukraine can impact the sustainability of democracy worldwide and how funders can strengthen local civil society for the long term.

CMF connected with COF to lift up key takeaways and resources from the roundtables with our CMF community.

Key takeaways include:

  • The Russian war on Ukraine has heightened existing concerns about democratic backsliding across the globe and poses new risks to civil society's role in preserving democratic institutions and norms.
  • Flexible funding with as few administrative barriers as possible contributes to effective assistance delivery the most. Additionally, stakeholder partnerships across the ecosystem and commitments that are long-term and enduring promote sustainability. 
  • Ukraine needs emergency support, but it also cannot wait for the war to end to begin its recovery.   

Resources and established funds include:

  • USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance is sharing the latest developments in Ukraine and emergency assistance needs.  
  • VOICE, in partnership with HIAS, conducted a four-week rapid assessment of Ukraine and five bordering countries to assess the needs of women and girls affected by the war in Ukraine and the needs of WROs and groups responding to the emergency.
  • The Razom Emergency Response was created to provide urgent help and support in the face of extreme and unforeseen situations in Ukraine. 
  • Candid continues to track philanthropic donations to support organizations working in Ukraine.

COF continues to update its Philanthropy’s Response to Russian Invasion of Ukraine webpage with resources and established funds.

As CMF reported, COF hosted an urgent discussion earlier this year featuring Nick Deychakiwsky, senior program officer for Civil Society at the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, a CMF member, and representatives from the State Department Office of Global Partnerships.

The session provided an opportunity for foundations and philanthropies to share what efforts are already underway and to discuss how the sector can coordinate and collaborate together to address the humanitarian needs that are growing by the day.