Michigan Speaks: The Citizens' Agenda for the 2014 Elections

Friday, May 23, 2014

Over the past seven months, the Center for Michigan has once again engaged thousands of Michigan residents from across the state and asked: What issues do you want candidates to address on the campaign trail – and in the state capitol, once elected?

This newly released report presents a to-do list for candidates from their potential constituents. Candidates seeking the surest path to representing the needs of Michigan residents can find it within these pages. Michigan residents have identified several key issues that stand in the way of our state’s success, and have provided some suggestions for addressing these problems.

This is a citizens’ agenda, the deliberative product of more than 5,500 diverse Michigan residents who came together in 166 Community Conversations, two large-sample polls, and an online version of the conversation from late September 2013 through early April 2014. The Center for Michigan is the state’s nonprofit, nonpartisan citizenship company. We call forth and amplify citizen attitudes and priorities and bring them into the halls of power. This work—and the resulting report—is not idle chatter; it will help frame the debate during the campaign, help voters make sensible and far-sighted choices when they cast their ballots, and provide a road map of citizen priorities when our new leaders take office in January 2015.

Download the full report from The Center for Michigan.

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