Member Spotlight: Promoting Community Philanthropy Through #raiseUPshiawassee

Monday, December 2, 2019

Member Spotlight: Cook Family Foundation Promotes Community Philanthropy Through #raiseUPshiawassee

This Giving Tuesday, the Cook Family Foundation is teaming up with the Shiawassee Community Foundation and the United Way of Genesee County to promote #raiseUPshiawassee.

This effort, now in its third year, brings Shiawassee County nonprofits and community members together to “raise up” the community by heightening awareness of local nonprofits and those organization’s most pressing needs, while engaging donors and volunteers to respond to those needs.

“Giving Tuesday is an opportunity where everyone who has had even a modest amount of good fortune can give back or pay it forward,” Tom Cook, executive director, Cook Family Foundation, said on the organization’s website. “Perhaps less obviously, the collaboration of #raiseUPshiawassee also demonstrates that none of us alone is as good as all of us together.”

Shiawassee area nonprofits have the opportunity to list projects and fundraising needs on a shared website. Donors can donate or sign up to volunteer with the touch of a button. The United Way is managing the #raiseUPshiawassee donations and will distribute 100% of the funds to the organizations forgoing an administrative fee now through January 1.

“For Giving Tuesday, makes it convenient to give to one or all the charities with the click of a button. We’re hopeful the smart technology will engage with a new generation of givers and doers. When we live united, incredible work is accomplished,” said Emily Marrah, relationship specialist, United Way.

“We have a strong collection of locally-based groups committed to missions which serve the residents of Shiawassee County, whether they be young or old, in crisis or seeking enrichment, or care about history, the environment, or animals. All of them are worthy of your support,” Cook said.

This year, 19 nonprofits are participating in #raiseUPshiawassee.

“We kicked off this initiative in May and push the #raiseUPshiawassee campaign through Giving Tuesday,” said Yvette Collard, associate director, Cook Family Foundation. “This year, we supported an advertising and social media campaign to grow awareness and drive collaboration among nonprofits in the area. We offered challenge grants to nonprofits throughout the year for their participation and also worked with our partners to host a Find Your Nonprofit Soulmate Event.” 

Results of last year’s #raiseUPshiawassee effort:

  • Over $73,000 raised
  • Donations received from 588 individuals
  • Around 80 new volunteers engaged
  • 53 non-monetary donations received

“I’m happy that we were able to collaborate with so many great nonprofits to help #raiseUPshiawassee,” said Kim Renwick, executive director, Shiawassee Community Foundation.

In addition to the Cook Family Foundation and its partners, the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership have engaged area businesses in this philanthropic endeavor, making it a true community initiative.

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